Multi-modal Laboratory for Motion Analysis
A multi-modal motion analysis laboratory allows for simultaneous measurement of a number of patient motion parameters. It is the basic area of the laboratory's activity. We take measurements used in orthopedics and rehabilitation. We cooperate with the major medical centers in Poland, developing the laboratory's research methods and work techniques.

Motion Capture Studio
We are able to organize motion capture sessions for producers of games, commercials, movies and video clips on a set with the size of 12x7x4 meters. Cooperation with qualified actors from the Department of Dance Theater of the State College of Dramatic Arts in Krakow allows for each session to be performed at the highest level.

Basic equipment of the laboratory

  • Vicon's Motion Kinematics Acquisition and Analysis System equipped with 10 NIR cameras with the acquisition speed of 100 to 2000 frames per second at full frame resolution of 4 megapixels and 8-bit grayscale.

  • Noraxon's Dynamic Electromyography (EMG) System allowing for 16-channel measurement of muscle potentials with non-gel electrodes in compliance with the SENIAM guidelines.
  • Kistler's Ground Reaction Force (GRF) Measurement System used for measuring ground reaction forces with two dynamometric platforms with measurement ranges adjusted to gait analysis research. The system measures forces with equal accuracy on the entire surface of the platform in a measurement range not smaller than 5 times the body of an adult person for dynamic function research. The system has a 6-meter path masking two platforms situated in the middle of its length.
  • A system for simultaneous multi-camera video image recording equipped with Basler's cameras that allows for simultaneous image recording from all the cameras in Full HD and lossless video recording. The system uses color video recorders using the GigE Vision standard and industrial lenses.

The project is part-financed from the funds of the European Regional
Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Program
2007-2013, Action 1.3, Sub-action 1.3.1.